I’ve finally cut the site over to GitHub pages after procrastinating too long. The frankenstein deployment process I had before is now gone. Now it’s super simple.

Previously, there was:

  1. An Azure storage account with a static website to host the site.
  2. A Content Delivery Network to actually serve the site, so I could do it over HTTPS.
  3. An Azure DevOps project and pipeline that would build the site.

Configuring the CDN was an absolute pain. You make a change to the configuration. Wait. Wait some more. Find out it didn’t work. Review cryptic settings. Figure out it’s PEBKAC and then go back and change the configuration. Wait. Wait some more. Then you’re in business.

It also meant waiting for comparatively long deployments because I was using Azure DevOps pipelines that needed to install all the Jekyll dependencies and then do the build.

Now, I just push to GitHub and a predefined action deploys the site in a couple of minutes. It’s still Jekyll, so I didn’t need to do much other than fix a couple of minor things because I’m now on a newer version of Jekyll.

So hopefully now we’ll actually get the actual list of Jim’s Rules out and published! Yes, there is a list! Stand by…