After a long hiatus in writing, I've got the urge to write again. Not because I stopped having opinions and deep (cough, cough) thoughts for a while. More because I was too gainfully employed and there was too little room outside of work to do an adequately good job of writing. So, instead of just resurrecting the old site (it's still kicking around out there), I'm moving into a new site. Some of the old content will be moved over here. Six or so years of neglect mean much of the content isn't really what I want to promote anymore. Thus, the new domain: The name has some history. Back in my days of getting together with friends for role playing games (the kind that use a table, not a device), I produced my list of house rules, etc. Early on, I started calling those rules Jim's Rules Regarding Everything (the JREE for short). As I don't want to make this sound like a Java site and every four letter combination has been taken for dotcom domains anyway, I went long form on it. While the name is long, hopefully it's easy to remember. Expect this will be all over the place, but focused on the world of software development. Even within the world of software development, I expect topics to be wide ranging. I'll cover some of what you expect and some of what you don't expect. Some examples:
  • MS Azure,cloud in general, and all that goes along with it.
  • .Net, JavaScript and other languages.
  • How traditional RDBMS systems are terrible unless they're great. Or is that how "NoSQL" technologies are terrible unless they're great?
  • Software practices such as what I call Real Agile(you'll just have to wait for that), Test Driven Development, and Continuous practices (Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Refactoring and others).
  • Analysis, Modeling, and Design.
  • Surviving software development projects.
  • Leadership, mentor-ship and teamwork.
  • The occasional rant, because I can.
I'm not afraid of uncomfortable topics, especially on that last bullet. I'm not setting out to be controversial, radical, or offensive. However, sometimes we need to be made a little uncomfortable in order to get better and so I won't steer away from topics that require self-reflection.  As I have learned much from others, I hope to share that with you. I also hope to help myself. One thing I learned early on was that writing promotes your understanding far more than simply executing exercises ever will. It promotes rigor and deep understanding that rote repetition can't help you with. So, please indulge me on the topics I cover. I will not be enabling comments here quite yet. All posts with be shared on LinkedIn, please comment or share there or via other social media. I simply don't want to have to deal with moderating comment spammers, trolls, and other malicious sorts while I'm getting content spun up here. Also, I'm avoiding calling this a blog. "Blog" normally assumes short to mid-sized articles. I don't feel like constraining myself, so I'll just call things "articles", "posts" or "writing". I may occasionally use the word blog as my goal is to just write and not care about classification. Anyway, I hope you at least enjoy my nonsense and hopefully come away with some insight. And please bear with me as I get the new site style all worked out. Happy Whatever Day it is!