• Export to PDF: A Tale in Understanding the Business Need

    I just saw a Harvard Business Review article “Are You Solving the Right Problems?” (thanks Marty for sharing that) that made me want to share my go-to story on requirements gathering and focusing on the need rather than the solution.

  • Improvements to Tuples in C# 7

    The second feature listed in What’s new in C# 7 is Tuples. This is actually a wholly new feature that reinvents the tuple for .Net. I’ve always appreciated the idea of tuples, but the existing System.Tuple was inelegant to say the least.

  • Welcome... back?

    After a long hiatus in writing, I've got the urge to write again. Not because I stopped having opinions and deep (cough, cough) thoughts for a while. More because I was too gainfully employed and there was too little room outside of work to do an adequately good job of writing. So, instead of just resurrecting the old site (it's still kicking around out there), I'm moving into a new site. Some of the old content will be moved over here. Six or so years of neglect mean much of the content isn't really what I want to promote anymore. Thus, the new domain: more⇛

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