• Launching the Rules

    Jim's Rules logo © 2022 Jim Leonardo
    Jim's Rules logo © 2022 Jim Leonardo

    With 20 something years in software development, most of it as some mix of developer, architect, and manager, I’ve learned quite a bit on how to survive and thrive in software development. Or, at least I’ve learned a few things about what I think has helped me survive and thrive. I love sharing what I’ve learned works for almost anyone, what I’ve learned works for me, and general observations. After joking about “Jim’s Rules Regarding Everything” for quite some time, I started writing down my little tidbits and now am making them available. While there are some things specific to software development, many of my rules are really about people and teams. Because of that, I hope many more people get benefit from these rules than just people in the software business. Click here for the master list of Jim’s Rules. Keep reading this post to learn more about the background of the rules and what to expect.

  • On Pages Now

    I’ve finally cut the site over to GitHub pages after procrastinating too long. The frankenstein deployment process I had before is now gone. Now it’s super simple.

  • Why Choose Consulting and not Product?

    When looking for a new job, or your first job, in software engineering, there’s several types of company you can choose to pursue. I started out in what we would call Enterprise, went to a Product company, then went into Consulting, then back to a Product Company and now am back into Consulting. Even during my Enterprise days, many of my projects were actually Products in that they were software solutions sold to customers. In a nutshell, I’ve been doing product work for a good part of my career, yet here I am in consulting. While that may (and probably will change), what are the advantages I see in choosing consulting? Warning: Opinions Ahead

  • Don't Mind the Dust

    Please don’t mind the dust while I move providers. I am moving from my WordPress based site to a Jekyll based site. This will simplify content management for me because I like to use a plain text editor. WordPress was just a bit much and the hosted WordPress didn’t give me the control I wanted over the site layout. So, here we go…

  • Why Azure Iot Hub?

    One of my favorite things about cloud services in general and Azure (my world) in particular is the wealth of options for quickly creating message based architectures. In Azure we can use Service Bus, Event Hubs, Event Grid, and more to manage our messages and easily consume them using our traditional sorts of applications or easy to use services like Azure Logic Apps or Azure Functions.

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